JRW Players’ Star Shines

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JRW Players’ Star Shines Brighter Than Ever in Black History Resource Guide

Chicago (Feb. 12, 2015) – Chicago philanthropist and entrepreneur Tracey Alston says that her 2015 Historically Black Colleges and Universities Resource Guide and Calendar, which features the Jackie Robinson West Little League baseball team inside, has become one of her most requested calendars ever.

“I’m convinced that the calendar is in so much demand right now because the nation as a whole is in such disbelief about the ruling to strip the JRW team of their place in history, that many people simply want to have something tangible to be able to say that these young men accomplished greatness, and here’s the proof,” said Alston.

The HBCU calendar is sold in select Walgreens stores across the country as well as on-line at BlackHistosryHBCU.com and via telephone orders. Alston says that while she has not received current numbers from Walgreens, direct sales have increased more than 40 percent since Wednesday’s announcement.

Alston’s Educational Network has published the resource guide and calendar for the past nine years as a fundraiser for the participating HBCUs. She states that the increase in sales illustrates the nation-wide support for the Southside Chicago team that won the national Little League championship in 2014, only to have it taken away yesterday morning over boundary disputes.

The Educational Network debuted an online lesson system this year based on hundreds of facts published in the resource guide, as well as other historic information. A lesson on African Americans breaking barriers in sports features the JRW team. The Common Core compatible curricula are for use by teachers in classrooms ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade, and have been sold to school districts across the nation.


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