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Hello Friends,

2016 was a very tumultuous time for the African-American community and the nation as a whole. There were ever increasing instances of the police using deadly force against unarmed Black men. The troubling state of urban schools across the country has left the opportunity of a good education unobtainable for millions of students of color. A polarizing presidential election brought racism, sexism and many other troubling aspects of our society out of hiding and into the forefront of national attention.

As never before, it is essential that all Americans have a firm grasp of multiculturalism and a thorough understanding of the various contributions people of color and women have made to our society. This is why The Educational Network developed a amazing online program, the “Our History, Today!” educational initiative. The program is truly unique. With just the click of a mouse, educators gain access to all the tools necessary to teach various lessons on African-American History, Latino History, Women’s Studies and STEM through a dynamic multicultural lens! You can help make this wonderful program a national initiative by encouraging your local school administrators to incorporate “Our History, Today!”  into their curriculum.

Education is the key to advancing communities of color. For eleven years, our Calendar & Resource Guide has been a national fundraising vehicle for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, contributing thousands of dollars to HBCUs throughout the country. In addition to raising funds, this product is also a great resource for students and parents. Each year the Resource Guide showcases twelve HBCUs and lists nearly a million dollars worth of scholarships.

All of these initiatives are very close to my heart, so my team and I thank you for your continued support. Donations to the Educational Network’s T.E.N Scholarship Fund can be made via our website. We truly value your feedback via emails, phone calls and letters of encouragement.  Please don’t forget to visit us at www.BlackHistoryHBCU.com and tell us how we’re doing!


Tracey D. Alston, President
The Educational Network

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