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At The Educational Network, we believe inbuilding the community through the studentOur most valued asset of the future.   Our History Today! An African American Journey” is always highly anticipated and available for purchase throughout the year! Our dynamic calendar and resource guide is jam-packed with facts detailing the contributions African Americans have made to America’s history, heritage and culture! Each edition, we highlight 12 distinguished African American notables and 12 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Some of this year’s notables include comedy sensation Tiffany Haddish, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas of Los Angeles County, NBA Players Anthony Davis and Derrick Rose, Actor Jesse Williams, our one and only “Conductor of the Underground Railroad – Harriet Tubman and more….

Our calendar and resource guide has brought black history into classrooms and homes for many years.  Each month highlights an African American notable and a HBCU while listing a plethora of black facts. Every year, our product is updated with amazing new facts and notables, providing students, educators and black history enthusiasts with the most prevalent information. The resource guide also contains a detailed list of nearly a million dollars’ worth of scholarship opportunities for current or prospective HBCU students.

And we encourage your school to purchase our amazing Multicultural Studies program,“Our History Today! A Multicultural Journey.” This dynamic, web-based, lesson plan system provides educators with all the tools needed to teach K-12 students lessons detailing the myriad of contributions that African-Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans, women and various other minority groups have made to American history, culture, the arts and the STEM fields.  We also have a Multicultural History Student Resource Guide“Our History Today! A Multicultural Journey!”   The student resource guide follows the traditional school year; students will find amazing historical facts and profiles of individuals representing their heritage, use their cell phones to scan an active web link, and can make notes inside.  We’re bringing people together with appreciation and understanding of ALL American achievements! We want students to find themselves in awe of each other through this multicultural journey.

To order your “Our History Today! An African American Journey”, “Our History Today! A Multicultural Journey” calendar/resource guide or for more information about the “Our History Today! A Multicultural Journey” lesson plan program, please call Darlene Washington at 219-292-2341, or visit BlackHistoryHBCU.com.

Darlene Washington

The Educational Network



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